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Fr Theodore was born in Toronto and grew up in Ajax, and after high school attended the Toronto Orthodox Theological Academy (Under University of Sherbrooke) where he received his Bachelor degree in Theology. He then continued his education at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, in Crestwood, New York, where he received his Masters of Arts in Theology with a specialization in Liturgical Theology. His SVS thesis was, “Cabasilas and Communion: The Effect of Nicholas Cabasilas’ Liturgical Commentary On the Decline of Frequent Communion."


Fr. Theodore has been married to his loving wife Joanna since 2006 and has three beautiful children George, Katerina and Angelo. Before coming to Sts. Constantine & Helen, Fr. Theodore served the communities of St. Nicholas in Scarborough (Jan. 07 - Sept. 07 as a Deacon), Prophet Elias in Mississauga (Oct. 07 - June 08 as a Deacon) and St. Demetrios in Winnipeg (Jul. 08 - Aug. 14 as Parish Priest). He enjoys reading, teaching and researching Greek dance, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and cinema.

P: 647-278-0058

We strive to know Christ through His Body the Church, which He established 2000 years ago. This is the unbroken, unchanged and unreformed Holy Orthodox Church.


We worship the One Triune God in the Holy Eucharist, through the Holy Sacraments, through service to one another and the community at large. By attempting to love our neighbor as ourselves.


We are here to help all who seek truth, love, healing and sanctity. The Church is a spiritual hospital and all are welcome to come and seek solace, help and healing.

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